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Get free access to the map and information on tree felling applications.


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Select a monitored area and view all building permit applications.


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Add up to 10 monitored areas and take advantage of construction and tree removal information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your information?

Our information comes from multiple sources. Our algorithms process more than 10,000 pieces of information every day to complete our mapping and provide you with digestible and pre-processed information.

What does the free version offer?

The version without subscription gives you access to all tree removal requests in Geneva.

I need more than 10 monitored areas, how do I do it?

We invite you to contact our teams to discuss your needs and find a customized solution.

I am currently using another system, what is your advantage?

IMMOTEP is simply the only mobile application focused on building and tree cutting permits. It allows you to define one or more zones that will be monitored automatically, you will be informed of any requests affecting one of the parcels in your zone.

IMMOTEP can also help you find your future home by monitoring future housing construction, or business by allowing you to quickly contact real estate developers to offer them your services.

What is a monitored area?

A monitored area is a geographical circle of maximum 300m in diameter. This zone is permanently monitored by our systems, you are notified the moment a modification occurs on one of the parcels that is partially or totally in your zone.

In which cantons are you available?

To date, we are focusing our efforts on improving our functional offer, based exclusively on the canton of Geneva.

Why are the monitored areas limited to 300m in diameter?

Jurisprudence shows us that the vast majority of requests for appeal filed on projects located more than 150m from a property are rejected.

Which personal data do you store?

As little as possible! We strive to design privacy friendly software, we only keep the data that is useful to manage your monitored areas, for more details we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy.

How to create an account?

You do not need an account to use IMMOTEP.

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